Tony and Rosie Barker as Team Barker…

We have four beautiful boys – Matthias, Josiah, Xavier and Jonas. Matthias would have been 12 now. Our boys are like most typical boys, enjoying rough and tumbles, football and a good laugh.

The one thing that makes our boys very special is the fact that they have had to deal with the death of their eldest brother when they were only 7, 5 and 3. Telling the boys that Matthias was going to die united us all in grief. For us as parents there was only one way to cope with all our pain and heartache, and that was to make ourselves ‘Team Barker’ and keep Matthias in the centre of all we do.

In everything we do and say we keep Matthias very much in our lives. That is why we are here fund raising for the Steven Gerrard Foundation and Shooting Star Chase Hospice, to say thank you for completing Matthias’ life, and making his end perfect.

We will continue to keep Matthias alive in our hearts and minds. Spreading his love and inspirational character making everything about Matthias known.

Team Barker will always be Team Barker, our team of 6.

Always and Forever. x

Read Rosie’s Journal…

These journals are personal, honest and help process all the various emotions and situations that are intrinsinc in our new life. I hope that if you choose to read these you will understand what our grief is all about and maybe some snippet will help you realise we are not alone.
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